Sunday, July 5, 2009

Playing Catch-up Again

Kierian and Kylee receiving their graduation certificates.

Haven't done a post for a while, so I guess I should do some catching up.

First thing is school is out for the summer and Kierian passed the 8th grade! YAY! It's so frustrating because he's so smart but he's so lazy and won't do his homework! UGH!
But in the end, he graduated and here is a picture of him AND Kylee at their 8th grade graduation. Now on to High School!

Kierian and Kylee @ their 8th grade graduation.

On June 6th we went to military appreciation day at the Honolulu Zoo. It was free to get in and the USO even provided us with a free lunch and ice cream. The MWR here on post even had a free bus that took us down to the zoo so we didn't have to worry about parking or traffic or anything. Kylee spent the night at a graduation party in Waiane with her friends so she wasn't with us, but we really had a lot of fun!

Andi near the flamingos

Andi and the chimps

Kierian, Dave and Andi...lost in the Hawaiian forest?

Kierian, Andi and Mom at the Honolulu Zoo

Dave looking lost and Andi looking silly

And finally Independence Day...the 4th of July!

The kids and I walked down to Sills Field for the 4th of July Spectacular. They had booths with games, food, drawings, vendors etc. It was a fun afternoon. Then we came back home and rested for a while before I started our special "All-American dinner" hehe We had hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans and jello salad. For dessert, we got out of smores maker and roasted marshmellow and made smores while we waited for the fireworks show to start. We also played a couple games of Apples to Apples which made for a lot of fun while we passed the time. Dave is currently in GA at school, but he went to Savannah with a friend, so I'm sure he had a lot of fun too:)
Here are some pics, enjoy!

Kierian climbing the rock wall

One of the units here on post had a great idea for a fund raiser. They brought in a couple of old cars and for $1 you could whack the car 3 times with a sledge hammer! Here is Andi taking her whacks. The "rule" was if you knocked something off the car you had to take it with you, so we saw a lot of people walking around with trim from the doors, mirrors and bumpers...haha. And as you can see in the next picture, Kierian ended up with a steering wheel!

Andi, Kierian (with a steering wheel on his head that he knocked off one of the cars with a sledge hammer) and Kylee.

Andi and Kylee rode on a ride they liked to call "The Spinning Bathtub of Death"! Andi started to get sick about half way through and Kylee wouldn't stop spinning it...Andi was cursing her the rest of the day...hahaha, just kidding. Here I'm not sure if they're having fun or if they were delirious or what!

Here we are towards the end of the day. Roasting marshmellows for smores while waiting for the fireworks to begin.


ThompsonFamily said...

Looks like a fun 4th of July! I wish Tremonton did stuff like that!

Sally-Ann said...

Looks like you have all been having a good time!!! We didn't get to celebrate the 4th in our usual traditional way of having a bbq, etc. I did sing a rousing rendition of "Yankee Doodle" for my very unappreciative family!